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Detra Group provides a full spectrum of engineering services.

We take responsibility for design and engineering activities, as well as provide aggregates, installation and after sales services.

Detra Group is a successful engineering company, our team consists of high performing and experienced professionals. We cooperate with the leading global producers, high-quality product and service delivery naturally being our top priority.

The foundation for our success and reliability is built on the long-term experience of the employees, organizational vision developed by the management and our values. Enthusiasm and expertise which can be seen through the executed projects, helps us to position as one of the high-tech and quality oriented brands.

Today the company continues to develop at a fast pace. We are constantly participating in international exhibitions and conferences. Retraining employees and boosting their qualification is important part of our development. Taking into consideration above mentioned, we already possess a number of internationally acknowledged certificates.

Detra Group’s core value is participation in creating safe, healthy and pleasant environment. That’s why we use highest quality energy-efficient goods.

Detra Group takes care of individuals and environment.